Squirrel 101


Hey there Squirreller! This 101 guide is about helping you become a pro at ticking off life’s bucket lists with our Squirrel App. We built Squirrel to help everyone achieve their bucket list goals and dreams, no matter what they are! So let’s get cracking! We’ve broken the guide up into byte sized sections to make it an easy read:


The world of buckets

There’s so much to see, do, taste, experience, build and conquer! Come-on, our planet is pretty awesome ay?! To tackle a vast range of bucket spheres we grouped everything into six main categories: Travel, Indulge, Drive, Celebrate, Home & ‘Just Because’.

squirrel app bucket list categories

Within these categories are a range of sub-categories that your bucket will be built around. For example: Home + Living Room, or Travel + Snow. A bucket will have a main category and a sub-category. Having sub-categories helps everyone get clarity on what your bucket is all about, and makes it less of a headache when searching for other great bucket ideas. Saweet! Moving on…


Sign Up

Let’s get you started. If you haven’t already got the app you should download it here for iPhone. Before you throw your nuts, we promise that iPad and Android is on the way! Some things take time to develop (and lots of extra nuts $$).

When creating an account there’s two things we want you to grasp: your profile picture and ‘@’ username handle is viewable to the public. We recommend using a short and respectful username handle, as you can’t change this! Your profile picture you can change at any point; however, it must comply with the Squirrel Terms of Use (keep it G-rated!).

If you have problems signing up or need a hand remember we’re always available to chat via Facebook, Twitter or gonuts@bluesquirrel.com.au


My Profile + Navigation

Once you’re in the app you will land on your profile page by default. You will notice a handy dashboard to access everything quickly with one tap. Setting is located in the top right hand corner, where you can tweak things, get help or logout.


At the bottom of our app you will notice a shaded blue nut. We call this the Nut-Nav, and it’s the fastest way to get around Squirrel. Go on…Press it! The Nut-Nav will help you jump between Discover, My Buckets, My Money and My Profile.


My Buckets

This is where you store all your own bucket lists. Here you can quickly see what buckets you’re saving towards (with the yellow progress bar) and access buckets you’re still building up or saving away for the long term. You can also toggle at the top to see completed buckets, or search for a bucket if you have a tonne of them!


Discover Buckets

Not sure what to add to the bucket? Need some inspiration? Head over to the Discover feed and scroll through the Featured buckets for some sweet bucket-worthy ideas. The best part is – you can add these to your own list! Just hit the blue + icon and the Bucket will be yours.


Once a Bucket is added it will appear over in you’re My Buckets screen. You can customise the Bucket, add items or change it in any way you like. It’s now all yours!

In Discover, you can also search for Buckets or Items to add. This makes it easy to build up your Buckets with more ideas or products.


Create a Bucket

It’s time to build a Bucket from scratch. Click on the + icon in My Buckets. You will need to select a category type, then add in a name for your bucket. You can choose to set a goal date, or if you’re not sure yet just leave it as ‘someday’.

create-bucketAdd a cover photo for your bucket and you’re all set! Great work. Read on as we show you one more way to create Buckets + customise them…


Pinterest + Buckets

We scratched our nuts here at Squirrel HQ for weeks trying to think of the best way to create Buckets quickly and easily, then the idea hit us – Pinterest! With over 100 million users and a search return of over 3 billion Pins, we figured these guys know how to run a solid library of ideas and inspiration. So we built an API that connect your Pins with Buckets. BOOM!


Connect your Pinterest account from My Profile using our secure login, or if you have the Pinterest app installed it will do it for you! Once linked, your Boards will load and appear in our app.

pinterest-1Now with the tap of one button you can turn an entire Pinterest Board into a Squirrel Bucket List. Golden! You can also tap on a board to open it up and start viewing individual Pins to add to existing Buckets. This mean you can add any Pin to any Bucket!

When you create a Bucket List from a Pinterest Board you will notice that your Pins will appear at the bottom of your Bucket. And that takes us to the next chapter…


Organise your Bucket

When you build a Bucket from Pinterest you can easily move your Pins into categories to organise your bucket. Simply tap on a pin and select a category. For example, you may to add a Pin of a Hotel under ‘Accommodation’, or a local experience as a ‘Must Do’. Think of it as organising many items into folders. Every successful bucket dream needs some clarity in order to achieve!

If you’re building from scratch you can tap the ‘Add More’ button to create new items from scratch using your phone camera roll. You can add as many Bucket Items as you want – go nuts! If you delete all the Items from a category, it will automatically disappear.


What’s in an Item?

A bucket item will contain a few essentials: a name, a price and a pretty picture. If you’re not sure on the price it’s okay to leave that blank. We recommend you also add a short description about the Item too. If you want others to get quick info about an item it can be helpful to add a URL link too.


When you own an Item you can also add private notes. This is for your eyes only! No one else can see Item notes. Every Item will automatically include the price to your Bucket total. If you don’t want a specific item price to be part of the total just flip the ‘Include to bucket price’ toggle to off. If you’ve paid for an Item already then you can also mark it as paid using the ‘Got it covered!’ toggle. All sorted!?


Share your Bucket

Sharing a Bucket is easy just hit the share button and you will be greeted with a bunch of ways to get the word out. You can hit ‘Copy’ to copy your unique Bucket URL link, or message it straight to a friend. Pasting the URL link in social media will enable others to see your bucket, however they will be prompted to download Squirrel in order dive in further.


Connect a bank

We built Squirrel with some incredible technology. We partnered with a world leading bank integration platform to allow you to securely log into your own bank account within our app. Infact you can add multiple bank accounts to Squirrel. This means you can see all of your money across all your accounts in the ‘My Money’ arm of our app. Pretty cool hey?!


Connecting an account is a pretty simple process. Navigate to ‘My Money’, tap on ‘Accounts” and click on ‘Add Account’ to begin the connection process. Squirrel uses end to end encryption, and you’re never moving actual money from the vault.


Divvying up the dosh

Squirrel is all about helping you achieve your Bucket List, and to do that wishing won’t get you there! You need a plan and some savings. That’s why our bank connectivity is so handy – you have a real view of your money so you know what to contribute and track towards your plans. Like we said before, no actual money is being moved in the process. We can’t touch your money; we just help you visualise your savings better.


When you contribute money towards a bucket it’s based on a percentage % of your total available Bucket List Funds. This total number is set over in your Accounts. You choose how much of your money you want to set as your Bucket List Funds, then Contributions is where you divvy up which dosh goes to which bucket.


For Example: I have $3000 in by bank account. I decide to set my Bucket List Funds to be $1000, leaving me $2000 for living expenses. In my Contributions I decide to set aside 10% towards my Japan Ski Trip. This means I have set aside $100 out of $1000 to my trip. I can change the percentage at any time. When my Bucket becomes 100% It’s marked as complete.


If you need help understanding the My Money arm of our app further feel free to give us a buzz – Contact Us


Hello Premium!

If you want a full view of your finances we suggest grabbing Squirrel Premium. With premium you can see all your bank transactions, plug get a look at your money trail with automatic categorised transactions. FYI: After upgrading you will need to give us a few hours to crush the nut numbers before Squirrel can produce some insights into your spending.



Oh did we mention? The first 7 days are free, and it only costs $1.99 a month after! It’s all handled through the Apple App Store for your convenience. Learn more about Premium here


In summary

We think you’ll love Squirrel and we’re excited to continue developing and refining our app for the future. If you have any tips, ideas or feature-adds you want to see, make sure you squeak up to our team over social media or by contacting us here.