Hey Squirrellers. comment serrer collier chat collierpascher10022 laisse et collier pour chien 720collierpascher5934 zooplus collier pour chien collierpascher6257 It’s Lachy from HQ here… As we approach a new year I wanted to share some thoughts on goal setting for 2017. bracelet bresilien france braceletpascher550 collier fantaisie soleil 720collierpascher12169 bracelet cheville magnetique braceletpascher653 bracelet cuir epais 718braceletpascher1394 acheter collier arbre de vie collierpascher14837 tome hope bracelet femme 723braceletpascher11291 kit collier chat collierpascher9655 I hope this post encourages and inspires you. collier ras de cou ginette collierpascher8618 collier perle burma collier fantaisie femme bois 720collierpascher11799 monture boucle doreille 718braceletpascher5054 We’ve all at some point set a new years resolution, and then failed to follow though… and miserably to be honest. bracelet homme cuir marron clair 723braceletpascher12205 bracelet cuir pandora noeid diviseur 723braceletpascher7848 bracelet cartier juste un clou imitation 723braceletpascher3245 bracelet homme fossil cuir marron 718braceletpascher3546 (Hands in the air?!) As the new year creeps in, we push aside the goal, let our expectations lower and try to move on. collier or inde collier ras de cou homme noir collierpascher9160 parrainage mon collier prenom collierpascher13943 azora peinture a lhuile violet cubique zircone strass lumineux fleur pendentif collier tn0190 The good news is this doesn’t need to happen again for next year! No, the buck stops here – reader! Here are three things I learnt from my wins and loses in 2016, that I believe we can apply to our new year and see great long-term success:

1. collier or diamants collierpascher1933 prix bracelet cartier clou 723braceletpascher3184 Break it up daily

One of the reasons we slip back into old habits and let ourselves down is rooted in the way we think about goals. bracelet femme cuire braceletpascher1741 bracelet cuir fin femme braceletpascher997 We tend to approach goals on a long term macro view, but fail to recognise that it’s the daily micro wins that get us there. bracelet argent 925 1000 723braceletpascher1508 bracelet charms garcon 723braceletpascher3490 guess bracelet femme 723braceletpascher9638 Imagine you had a productive day… Great! Now if you times that by 365, wouldn’t that lead you to the most productive year – ever? Duh. bracelet argent et quartz 723braceletpascher2079 collier femme harry potter collierpascher6722 bracelet femme or large 718braceletpascher2040 collier perle yoga It’s simple, but we do overcomplicate it. le collier de perles 1915 720collierpascher10214 agatha collier ras de cou 720collierpascher8638 We’re funny like that, hey?! The key point is to break your goals into daily steps. nouveaute goutte boucle doreille boheme vintage ethnique verre resine cristal boucle doreille pour les femmes en gros cadeau danniversaire boucle doreille bijoux collier or cube collier fantaisie multi rangs collierpascher11780 boucle doreille femme double 718braceletpascher5550 bracelet homme lotus style 723braceletpascher11908 creation de grosse boucle doreille braceletpascher6039 Write down two-three tasks and commit to the small wins. collier en argent avec prenom collierpascher953 boucle doreille ado or 718braceletpascher5755 gravure photo bracelet argent bracelet femme les georgettes braceletpascher1770 collier ras de cou jonc collierpascher9071 collier ras de cou tuto 720collierpascher9222 Think of each calendar day as painting a brush stroke on the big wide and open canvas of your year. bracelet pierre naturelle lithotherapie femme 718braceletpascher3620 femme au collier de perles collierpascher10360 16 styles mode email bracelet a breloques cadeau fete bijoux ali express mixte pendentif bracelet declaration accessoires collier diamant fil invisible 720collierpascher648 Change this mindset and you will free yourself from being crushed by the weight of a big goal. collier or 50g collierpascher2357 secteur luoteemi nouvelle vente chaude gradient cz cristal pendentif colliers colares declaration bijoux pour les femmes parti de mariage bijous bracelet de cheville sexy 723braceletpascher9221 collier coeur te fiti 720collierpascher11393 collier etrangleur a pique collierpascher13601 Why burden yourself with tomorrow, or the whole year – when we’re called to live present in today? …Today matters. collier or blanc et ceramique bracelet argent massif marocain luxueux 5 6g 925 bijoux en argent sterling fine bague de fiancailles a la mode feuille de spinelle noire bague de femmes bijoux femme g015 bracelet cuir celtique 718braceletpascher1020 montre rectangulaire bracelet cuir homme 723braceletpascher6745 I love what John C Maxwell says about today: – Attitude: Today’s attitude gives me possibilities. bracelet homme voiture 718braceletpascher3011 cdiscount collier perle 720collierpascher5353 collier ras de cou femme signification 720collierpascher8492 collier ambre gris collierpascher12973 montre enfant fille bracelet cuir braceletpascher1370 collier or diamant et saphir collierpascher2465 – Priorities: Today’s priorities give me focus. fil a bracelet bresilien 718braceletpascher381 bracelet femme solde 718braceletpascher1903 pack bracelet homme 718braceletpascher3180 bracelet de cheville cauri 723braceletpascher9206 – Health: Today’s health gives me strength. lot bague homme conception simple mignon coreen goutte boucle doreille pour les femmes mode 2 couleur ronde boucle doreille a la main charmante date cadeau bijoux accessoire choisir un collier de perles 720collierpascher10605 asos collier coeur 720collierpascher11028 collier chat numero telephone 720collierpascher9937 collier de perle naturelles 720collierpascher618 – Family: Today’s family time gives me stability. boheme goutte boucle doreille nouveaute ethnique classique cristal ensemble boucle doreille pour les femmes a la main en gros cadeau danniversaire boucle doreille bijoux collier femme argent agatha collierpascher6800 collier coeur or auchan collierpascher11412 – Thinking: Today’s thinking gives me an advantage. azora peinture a lhuile violet cubique zircone strass lumineux fleur pendentif collier tn0190 – Commitment: Today’s commitment gives me tenacity. azora bleu rond cristaux autrichiens couleur or blanc bracelets pour femme elegant chaine lien femmes bracelet bijoux de mode ts0187 collier ras de cou kpop 720collierpascher8894 collier perle tissage pandora collier coeur collierpascher11303 collier perle blanche pas cher – Finances: Today’s financial decisions give me options. bracelet cheville hippie 723braceletpascher4112 bracelet argent pour fille 723braceletpascher2089 jouval exagere punk metal chokers chaine courte collier pour les femmes mode or argent lien pendentif a la mode declaration bijoux – Faith: Today’s faith gives me peace. boucle doreille patte de chat 718braceletpascher5546 poussette boucle doreille argent 718braceletpascher6199 collier chat qui sort collierpascher9606 – Relationships: Today’s relationships give me fulfillment. bracelet cuir homme tods collier chat noel collierpascher9437 – Generosity: Today’s generosity gives me significance. boheme style romantique longue couche imite perle or couleur pendentif boucles doreilles pour les femmes elegant demoiselle dhonneur cadeau bijoux collier ras de cou trefle collierpascher8728 bracelet couple onyx 723braceletpascher4460 – Values: Today’s values give me direction. collier ras de cou anne claire coudray collierpascher8491 bracelet pierre naturelle concentration 718braceletpascher3632 collier chat femme 720collierpascher9680 fait a la main gris pompon cristal ethnique boucles doreilles marque bijoux mode florale boho boucles doreilles accessoires pour les femmes collier or lettre collier ras de cou or pas cher collierpascher8770 – Growth: Today’s growth gives me potential. collier perle grise 720collierpascher5704 boucle doreille adolescente fille 718braceletpascher4217

Divide and conquer your goals day by day!

Divide and conquer your goals day by day!

2. bracelet homme tortue 718braceletpascher3250 collier de perles blanche collierpascher10132 capteur collier chat collierpascher9305 bracelet argent boheme chic 723braceletpascher2234 collier perle de tahiti or collierpascher4959 Consistency works

Jerry Seinfeld, notably one of our generations’ greatest comedian was interviewed on how he made his millions in comedy. collier fantaisie femme amazon collierpascher11835 He responded with the analogy of a goal chain… Where by setting daily goals and staying consistent to them was the key to success. collier chien cuir truffaut 720collierpascher51 collier pour chien drapeau france collierpascher6036 bracelet argent larimar 723braceletpascher2401 mango bracelet homme For Jerry that meant writing jokes each day. bracelet cartier or rose 723braceletpascher3192 bracelet cheville droit ou gauche 723braceletpascher4004 bracelet femme argent avec croix 718braceletpascher1547 agatha collier plastron montre homme bracelet cuir fossil 718braceletpascher1059 Instead of focusing on how good the jokes were, he focused on not ‘breaking the chain’. boucle doreille perle tahiti 718braceletpascher4570 modele de collier perle swarovski 720collierpascher4918 collier perle gatsby Over time, day by day, his jokes got funnier and funnier because of consistency in his practice. bracelet coquillage claires 723braceletpascher4298 fermoir collier or collierpascher2652 See the pattern? Top performers in every field of life have this in common: They show up every day to deliver. boucle doreille etoile de mer 718braceletpascher4843 collier homme tom hope 720collierpascher8270 collier argent anneau collierpascher4519 This sets high achievers apart from the rest, bogged down in a battle between procrastination, motivation and feeling overwhelmed. collier dambre et coliques collierpascher12585 montre lotus bracelet cuir homme 723braceletpascher6729 bracelet cuir patek philippe 723braceletpascher8108 mode argent couleur cz zircon goutte perle boucles doreilles cristal clair torsade longue douce fleur boucles doreilles pour les femmes bijoux de mode There’s huge power in consistency across all spheres of life that’s currently underrated. collier ambre croyance collierpascher12944 comment dit on collier en anglais collierpascher849 collier etrangleur nylon pour chien collierpascher13795 collier pour chien 25 cm collierpascher6516 collier perle verre murano collierpascher5286

Focus less on the workout, and more on working it out daily.

This mindset switch will free your from performance issues that can demotivate and wipe you out from a few bad days (which we all have!). minuscules boucles doreilles a la mode en zircon cubique plante fleur boucles doreilles en cristal de pierre de luxe Stay in the game, don’t give up… bracelet femme forever 723braceletpascher10363 boucle doreille yeux 718braceletpascher5075 collier perle bordeaux 720collierpascher5018 Consistency wins in the long-form. collier ras de cou personnalisable collierpascher9092 bracelet argent david yurman bracelet cuir croco 20mm 723braceletpascher8763 romantique longue boucle doreille gland ethnique romantique cristal or argent couleur buterfly boucle doreille pour les femmes a la main en gros boucle doreille rose boucle doreille braceletpascher6297

3. film avec un lion collier de perles de lune 720collierpascher10602 bracelet cuir fitbit flex 2 braceletpascher1422 Apply daily gratitude.

Gratitude is surely the secret sauce of it all… It can be frustrating sometimes when you don’t achieve a goal by your own set of perceptions or standards. belle montre bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher5574 collier perle bois et pompom collierpascher5251 dessous des cartes collier de perles collierpascher10410 bracelet homme cheville 723braceletpascher12138 collier femme 20 euros 720collierpascher7009 collier homme argent pendentif 720collierpascher8192 collier homme guess collierpascher8244 bracelet cuir multirang femme 718braceletpascher1075 In my own journey, i’ve learnt that gratitude is the antidote to this frustration. zalando bague homme bracelet femme manchette or 723braceletpascher10836 We can be so hard on ourselves so quickly! Fortunately, being grateful daily keeps us going and also improves our patience. collier or et diamant bleu sz0067 nouveautes imitation perle avec alliage de zinc noir en cuir veritable collier ras du cou pour les femmes bijoux collier or blanc et pendentif tresor collier argent collierpascher4288 boucle doreille mango 718braceletpascher4892 It’s recognising the good in each day, and encouraging ourselves to go the next… quel poignet bracelet homme 723braceletpascher11985 je porte un collier pour chien collierpascher6250 bracelet homme hippie 718braceletpascher3453 collier femme sans pendentif 720collierpascher7059 collier chien cuir noir et blanc 720collierpascher62 collier perle fantaisie 3 rangs collierpascher5642 sony smartwatch 3 bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher6113 bracelet cuir marron ancre 723braceletpascher8559 collier homme made in france 720collierpascher7729 We can’t always “win” the day, but we can choose to give thanks, take hold of the good, and move forward with a smile. collier coquillage vaiana pas cher collierpascher14951 charge 2 bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher4574 collier en argent rond collierpascher995

Rome wasn’t built pharmacieprincipale24.com/cialis-en-ligne.html in a day, but it was built daily

Gratitude lowers our stress (scientifically proven) and helps us refocus from striving in the short term. enlever bracelet cuir montre 723braceletpascher7195 comment faire un bracelet bouddhiste 723braceletpascher2969 collier pour chat qui traduit les miaulement collierpascher13302 collier coeur pour enfant collierpascher11193 collier en argent etoile 720collierpascher926 mignon nouveaute blanc acrylique fleur boucles doreilles pour femmes printemps boheme goutte boucle doreille rendez vous date cadeau bijoux accessoire Practising daily gratitude reminds us that consistent steps forward are better than none at all. bracelet cuir et cuivre homme 723braceletpascher7150 fossil bracelet homme 718braceletpascher2712 The dream is free, but it costs you something each day to walk it out. cdiscount bague femme or jaune ceramique ananas cercle vert gland boucles doreilles femmes a la main longues boucles doreilles ethniques bijoux brincos maty collier de perles de culture collierpascher10443 collier ras de cou discret collierpascher8721 collier femme chaine invisible 720collierpascher7379 bracelet a breloques bouddha classique en pierre naturelle pour femmes chic couleur argent elephant perles bracelets mode hommes bijoux collier chien cuir xxl collierpascher129 Keep moving, don’t quit, and give thanks on the way. collier femme en bois 720collierpascher7133 collier or blanc et rubis fermer un collier de perle collierpascher469 Happiness isn’t in the destination, it’s all throughout the whole journey. Make it count. bracelet cheville quimper 723braceletpascher4188 collier perle papillon


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