Hey Squirrellers. It’s Lachy from HQ here… As we approach a new year I wanted to share some thoughts on goal setting for 2017. I hope this post encourages and inspires you.

We’ve all at some point set a new years resolution, and then failed to follow though… and miserably to be honest. (Hands in the air?!) As the new year creeps in, we push aside the goal, let our expectations lower and try to move on. The good news is this doesn’t need to happen again for next year! No, the buck stops here – reader!

Here are three things I learnt from my wins and loses in 2016, that I believe we can apply to our new year and see great long-term success:

1. Break it up daily

One of the reasons we slip back into old habits and let ourselves down is rooted in the way we think about goals. We tend to approach goals on a long term macro view, but fail to recognise that it’s the daily micro wins that get us there. Imagine you had a productive day… Great! Now if you times that by 365, wouldn’t that lead you to the most productive year – ever? Duh.

It’s simple, but we do overcomplicate it. We’re funny like that, hey?! The key point is to break your goals into daily steps. Write down two-three tasks and commit to the small wins. Think of each calendar day as painting a brush stroke on the big wide and open canvas of your year.

Change this mindset and you will free yourself from being crushed by the weight of a big goal. Why burden yourself with tomorrow, or the whole year – when we’re called to live present in today? …Today matters.

I love what John C Maxwell says about today:
– Attitude: Today’s attitude gives me possibilities.
– Priorities: Today’s priorities give me focus.
– Health: Today’s health gives me strength.
– Family: Today’s family time gives me stability.
– Thinking: Today’s thinking gives me an advantage.
– Commitment: Today’s commitment gives me tenacity.
– Finances: Today’s financial decisions give me options.
– Faith: Today’s faith gives me peace.
– Relationships: Today’s relationships give me fulfillment.
– Generosity: Today’s generosity gives me significance.
– Values: Today’s values give me direction.
– Growth: Today’s growth gives me potential.

Divide and conquer your goals day by day!

Divide and conquer your goals day by day!

2. Consistency works

Jerry Seinfeld, notably one of our generations’ greatest comedian was interviewed on how he made his millions in comedy. He responded with the analogy of a goal chain… Where by setting daily goals and staying consistent to them was the key to success. For Jerry that meant writing jokes each day. Instead of focusing on how good the jokes were, he focused on not ‘breaking the chain’. Over time, day by day, his jokes got funnier and funnier because of consistency in his practice. See the pattern?

Top performers in every field of life have this in common: They show up every day to deliver. This sets high achievers apart from the rest, bogged down in a battle between procrastination, motivation and feeling overwhelmed. There’s huge power in consistency across all spheres of life that’s currently underrated.

Focus less on the workout, and more on working it out daily.

This mindset switch will free your from performance issues that can demotivate and wipe you out from a few bad days (which we all have!). Stay in the game, don’t give up… Consistency wins in the long-form.

3. Apply daily gratitude.

Gratitude is surely the secret sauce of it all… It can be frustrating sometimes when you don’t achieve a goal by your own set of perceptions or standards. In my own journey, i’ve learnt that gratitude is the antidote to this frustration. We can be so hard on ourselves so quickly! Fortunately, being grateful daily keeps us going and also improves our patience.

It’s recognising the good in each day, and encouraging ourselves to go the next… We can’t always “win” the day, but we can choose to give thanks, take hold of the good, and move forward with a smile.

Rome wasn’t built pharmacieprincipale24.com/cialis-en-ligne.html in a day, but it was built daily

Gratitude lowers our stress (scientifically proven) and helps us refocus from striving in the short term. Practising daily gratitude reminds us that consistent steps forward are better than none at all. The dream is free, but it costs you something each day to walk it out.

Keep moving, don’t quit, and give thanks on the way. Happiness isn’t in the destination, it’s all throughout the whole journey. Make it count.


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