Squirrel Guide

Welcome to Squirrel app! In this quick guide we will show you around the app and how it works. Squirrel is all about creating Bucket List goals and achieving them! Who doesn’t love ticking off things in life?! Think of Squirrel as your life goals coach, helping you plan, budget and achieve.

NOTE: Are you using the Squirrel Money app in Australia? Click here for the help 101 guide

Signing Up

Download ‘Squirrel’ app from your Apple App Store. We’re now available in over 85+ countries, with more to come!

sign up squirrel app
Choose to sign up with your email and name, or alternatively using your Facebook ID. You will need to choose a username (pick wisely!) handle. Your full name is not seen by others, however, your ‘@‘ username is visible to others who may view your profile. Your password must include an upper-case letter, a number and must be at least 8 characters in length. Remember that your username and profile picture should be appropriate to fit with our terms of use.


The footer bar is how you navigate between the four sections of our Squirrel app. These sections are:

navigation squirrel guide
Discover: where you can get inspired or search for items or people
My Buckets: where all your goals are kept safe
My Budget: where you set a savings balance and budget
Profile: where you manage your account

Discovering Buckets

The Discover feed is where you can find and add ideas for your Bucket List. You can scroll or search for buckets, items and people. When you find something of interest tap on it and you can take a look inside the Bucket. Like what you see? Tap the ‘Clone’ button to add it to your own Bucket List and begin customising it. You can also like buckets and view the Bucket creator by tapping on the profile username handle.

squirrel app discover
If you’ve created a Bucket but want to keep it secret (prevent others Discovering it), simply go to Edit Bucket and toggle ‘Public Bucket’ to private mode.

Creating a Bucket

Creating a Bucket is easy. Tap on the + icon on in the ‘My Buckets’ section. Select a name for your bucket, add a description and some keyword tags to help others understand what this Bucket it all about.

Select a Bucket cover image that best represents your goal. You can add from your camera roll, or quickly search for an image using our Google in-app search. It’s really easy! Don’t worry, you can change the image later by selecting Edit Bucket. When you hit ‘create bucket’ you’re bucket will appear in My Buckets. Create as many as you like!

When creating a bucket and items, it’s good to add a few relevant #TAGS. These help you and other people discover buckets better when searching!

squirrel app guide creating bucket list
Once the Bucket is created you can begin creating Bucket Items. An Item can have a name, a picture, a price and description. You can tick off your items easily to track your Bucket progress.

Your Profile Page

The My Profile section is where you can manage your public Profile, edit account, get help or log out. Your Profile image and bio will be seen by others who may search or discover you in the app. We don’t share your Bucket List progress or Budget! That’s kept to just yourself.

squirrel bucket list free app
You can also see how many likes you’ve received in total across your public Buckets that are being discovered and loved by other Squirrellers. We don’t share your full name to other users, just your @username handle.

Connecting Pinterest

If you’re a Pinterest user then we bring you good news. You can easily connect and add Pins to your Bucket List. This is a great way to collect all your ideas together.

pinterest squirrel
You can access Pinterest from the top left icon in the Discover feed. Follow the prompts as you connect the account securely. You can view your boards, pins and following profiles. Tap on a pin to add to your Bucket items.
PS – We do require the official Pinterest app to be installed to your mobile first in order connect your account.

Start Budgeting

Once you have your Buckets set up, you can start budgeting towards them! At the top of the My Budget screen, you can type in your current savings balance. This number represents the money you currently have to budget with. Next, you can select a Bucket List and allocate a percentage of your total savings balance towards that goal. You can do this to multiple buckets until your reach 100%. You can also see the total cost of your Buckets and how much you have saved towards them in dollar amounts.

squirrel budgeting app


Need help?

Is there something you need help with? Squeak up to our team via a Facebook message or through email gonuts@bluesquirrel.com.au – We’d love to help. You can also check out the QandA page to see if there’s already got an answer for you!