Squirrel FAQ’s

How are Buckets prioritised in My Buckets screen?
Buckets will automatically reorder themselves from top to bottom based on you Bucket progress, the Goal date and your progress towards the bucket.

Who can see my Buckets?
Anyone can see a bucket, unless you specify to keep it secret. You can change the privacy settings of a single bucket from the edit screen. Toggle the switch from public to private mode and you’re all set! When a bucket is visible to others it does not show your progress (savings) towards that bucket goal.

Can I search for buckets or people?
Yes! In the discover feed you can tap the search to find buckets, bucket items and other users. When you find a bucket or item you like, simply clone the bucket or add the item to your own!

What’s a tag? Why should I add tags to my buckets and items?
Tags are how we best understand your bucket list and the items inside it. Tags help you discover other buckets through the search function or a collection of buckets featured in the discover feed… Tags will also help us suggest other items or bucket for you in the future to provide greater personalisation.

How do I set my current savings to budget with?
In the budget section of the app you can set a savings amount above the pie chart at the top of the screen. Simple tap on the number to bring up the keyboard and insert a dollar amount. This number acts as a float to budget from.

I need help? Where do I go?
You can see our help guide, chat to us on Facebook messenger, or send us an email at gonuts@bluesquirrel.com.au

Are you using the Australian Squirrel Money app?
We have a special FAQ’s for that! Click Here