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The best things in life are free

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In a fast-paced growing society of consumerism, have you ever stopped to think that the not everything has a price tag? In fact, some of the best things in life…

How to save for your goals with Squirrel app

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  We love what America Saves stands for – it’s what we, at Squirrel app are all about!  Squirrel away a little, that adds up to a lot (of getting…

Your tech gear bucket list for 2017

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Forget about 2016 – this year boasts a lineup of great new tech gadgets. 2017 will be a year where our homes, phones and bodies are all becoming connected through…

Squirrel App

Squirrel Hits #1 on the Finance App Store

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Good news to share: Squirrel App has made it to #1 in the Finance category for the App Store! From the team here at Squirrel HQ we wanted to say…


Keys to achieving your goals in 2017

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Hey Squirrellers. It’s Lachy from HQ here… As we approach a new year I wanted to share some thoughts on goal setting for 2017. I hope this post encourages and…

how to fly over antarctica

How to fly over Antarctica at stunning close range

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At Squirrel HQ we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting things to add to the bucket list. So when we discovered that this Australian tour group is offering…

Where to escape to this summer in Australia

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As we enter the Christmas season it’s important we take a few days to draw back and refresh before the new year. Whether you’re escaping the heat, the relatives or…

25 things to add to your travel bucket list

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It’s a big and wonderful life…But we only got one go at it! So we compiled 25 incredible ideas of things to see and do around the globe – all…

The Akrasia Effect: How to finally complete our goals

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Story time! over the counter During the summer of 1830, a French author named Victor Hugo was facing an unbearable deadline. Hugo had made an agreement with a publisher twelve…