At Squirrel HQ we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting things to add to the bucket list. So when we discovered that this Australian tour group is offering flights over Antarctica – we got really excited.

Anyone who is nuts about flying and stunning scenery, this is one to add to your 2017 bucket list…

how to fly over antarcticaHow to fly over Antarctica

AntarcticaFlights have partnered with Qantas to charter a Boeing 747 jet over each summer season. The twelve hour day flight journey begins from either Melbourne or Sydney depending on the date you select.

This beautiful antarctic tour allows you to hover over the ice capital of the world, without a jacket, scarf or even a passport. One of our Squirrellers who’s tried it first hand has given the 5/5 nuts (star) recommendation to anyone wanting a unique experience.

Our top tip is to bring an empty camera SD card and a zoom lens! Get ready to take jaw-dropping pics for your instagram…

Another brilliant day flying over Antarctica on Sunday. Thanks to all those medicament onboard who made it such an enjoyable experience. #antarcticflight #antarctica #travel #experience #travelphotography #travelpic #nofilter #Qantas #747 #bucketlist

A photo posted by Antarctica Flights (@antarcticaflights) on Feb 15, 2016 at 6:51pm PST

Want to go? We’ve got it ready as a featured Bucket List in the Squirrel app:squirrel app bucket list

More than just looking out a window…

No matter what seat you book, you’ll experience the spectacular views combined with food, drinks and entertainment. Onboard you’ll be able to meet and talk with antarctic expeditioners and experience live crosses to research stations on the ground.

During your flight you will be served with two main Qantas meals, snacks, and a full service bar for drinks. You can also put your feet up and watch some antarctica documentaries on your entertainment screen. On departure everyone will receive a Explorer Kit, marking the flight journey with maps and statistics to share with others and reflect on.

squirrel app bucket list antarctica flight qantas

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Here’s what blew us away…

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