We love what America Saves stands for – it’s what we, at Squirrel app are all about!  Squirrel away a little, that adds up to a lot (of getting to tick off your life bucket list)!

In the spirit of America Saves week, we’re coming in with our tips on how to plan, budget and achieve your goals in life. *Spoiler alert – it’s not new or rocket science folks! A few simple but powerful actions is all it takes.  We designed Squirrel app around these things, which is why Squirrel makes it super easy to get started and keep going on saving for those goals.  We live for helping people get more out of life – one bucket list at a time, we’d love you to join us, but no matter what you choose to help you, just commit to it and get cracking.. you’ll be glad you did!

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity” – Emelia Earhart

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1 Set a goal

Without a clear goal, how do you know where you’re heading? Lol. You gotta write it down! Preferably in one spot, so you can refer to this often, to remind you what you’re striving for!


2 Get specific

Break down the goal into more detail (Rome wasn’t achieved in a day?!). Build a plan, so you know what’s required and how you’ll get there. You don’t have to do it all in one hit, keep adding to it as you go…


America Saves

3 Prioritise and allocate

Yay – we got goals and we got a plan!  What goal is first cab (Uber?!) off the rank?.. then next and then.. you get the picture! Prioritise and put some timelines to your goals… it’s likely you’ll need some money to complete one or more of your goals, time to get real!


4 Share with others

Accountability is a great way to achieve your goals! Self-accountability is one thing but sharing your goals can be a super charge – having others ask you how you’re going can be an honesty check we wouldn’t give ourselves, but mostly sharing brings the nice bonus of encouragement along the way.


5 Tick it off!

Celebrate! Basque in the moment of achieving something you set out for.  It might seem small but the feeling of accomplishment to staying motivated – to go again and again. It’s not just the big stuff, pause to pat yourself on the back for the small steps you make towards your goals.



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