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During the summer of 1830, a French author named Victor Hugo was facing an unbearable deadline. robe collier femme collierpascher6849 Hugo had made an agreement with a publisher twelve months earlier that he would write a new book ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. Twelve months passed, and yet Hugo had not written a single chapter. bracelet argent fin homme 723braceletpascher1564 bracelet femme pandora pas cher 723braceletpascher9867 fossil bracelet femme 718braceletpascher1644 bague homme triangle boucle doreille en plastique 718braceletpascher4595 Instead, he spent his time entertaining guests, pursuing other projects and stalling his work as an author. collier de perle baroque collierpascher555 saphir collier coeur collierpascher10936 collier ras de cou habille collierpascher8525 bracelet cuir femme plusieurs tours 723braceletpascher5343 Hugo’s publisher became so frustrated by his repeated procrastination that he set him a fearsome new deadline. montre diesel bracelet cuir marron 723braceletpascher4648 He demanded Hugo finish the book by February of 1831, leaving him just under six months. bracelet collier perle collierpascher5350 bagues coeur bisaer 925 argent sterling empilables amour coeur bagues cocktail femmes bagues bijoux en argent sterling efr057 mode romantique coreen goutte boucle doreille pour les femmes en gros acrylique fruits boucle doreille a la main en gros date cadeau bijoux In the face of a new deadline, Hugo developed a plan to beat his procrastination. collier chien cuir poignee 720collierpascher70 He told his servant to gather all his clothes from the chambers and lock them away in the basement, leaving him nothing but a old grey shawl to wear. collier de perles geneve 720collierpascher10712 boucle doreille libellule 718braceletpascher4780 bracelet cuir pour montre cartier tank 723braceletpascher7684 Hugo knew he could never appear in public wearing the knitted shawl. vente collier en argent collierpascher1159 collier dambre chez maty collierpascher12268 bracelet cuir zrc braceletpascher1375 His new hideous wardrobe choice forced him to stay indoors (and alone) to complete the deadline. collier pour chien ananas 720collierpascher5721 collier pour chien electrique avec telecommande 720collierpascher6493 signification offrir un collier en argent collierpascher1026 collier femme perles jade 720collierpascher6730 cuir bracelet femme 723braceletpascher10682 The plan worked. collier ras de cou a lacet collierpascher8627 bracelet femme onyx 718braceletpascher1811 montre chronographe homme bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher8770 asymetrie conception simple boucle doreille nouveaute rouge noir email levre goutte boucle doreille pour les femmes rendez vous date cadeau boucle doreille bijoux bracelet cuir bond 723braceletpascher4795 Hugo published Notre Dame two weeks early on January 14, 1831. bracelet cheville femme boheme 718braceletpascher603 prix collier pour chien collierpascher6174 boucle doreille en feuille 718braceletpascher4567 boucle doreille fruits 718braceletpascher4344 bracelet femme perle Today, Victor Hugo is regarded as a leading figure in the history of French literature. collier coeur rose gold 720collierpascher11074 collier perle histoire d or 720collierpascher5475 collier pour chien en nylon collierpascher6208 bracelet argent paris 723braceletpascher2457 His best novels include the well known Les Miserables that we still teach our kids about in schools. collier de perle avec croix collierpascher467 bracelet georgette nid dabeille 723braceletpascher11776 His work not only contributed to the Romantic Movement in France but also gained international fame for his efforts towards establishing the Third Republican and democracy in the country. collier femme laisse 720collierpascher6682 bracelet cuir pour montre braceletpascher872 Here’s a selfie of the guy:

Victor Hugo in 1876. gros bracelet cuir homme braceletpascher836 collier chat pelote de laine collierpascher9511 Seem’s at this point he finally put his clothes back on.


The Akrasia Effect

Many of us go through life with a growing array of undone tasks and incomplete goals. boucle doreille rockabilly 718braceletpascher6230 bijoux swarovski collier coeur 720collierpascher11384 Our intentions begin good, though human impulse bears to succeed our best conventional mindsets. bague homme vintage Just like Hugo, we being to derail from our goals and go against all rational thinking. bracelet cuir samsung galaxy watch 718braceletpascher963 entretien dun collier de perle collierpascher260 But why?… collier homme graver collierpascher7538 Ancient Greek philosophers developed a word to describe this very behaviour: Akrasia. Today we still refer to Akrasia commonly, but through a new word: Procrastination. Humans love to procrastinate, and we’ve been up to it for centuries. collier de perle dessin collierpascher140 boucle doreille masque 718braceletpascher5127 So where does it begin and why is it so strong to overcome? Why is it we (like Hugo Victor) can set a strong goal, and yet fall flat to complete it? When you create a mental plan, there is a battle going on between your present self and your future self. bracelet cuir homme corse 723braceletpascher8220 bracelet cuir noir pour montre femme 723braceletpascher4816 collier femme 45 cm 720collierpascher7437 collier de perles noires prix collierpascher10675 bracelet femme bijoux brigitte 723braceletpascher11465 This tension stems from what behavioural scientists call a ‘time inconsistency”. bracelet argent vinted boucle doreille minceur 718braceletpascher5761 xq livraison gratuite le nouveau collier pendentif en pierre blanche naturelle de mode le nouveau banquet populaire simple et elegant noir awn 2020hot 100 925 argent sterling bijoux fins a la mode bague de fiancailles bagues de mariage pour les femmes c338 bague homme pierre turquoise vintage noir velours cristal aigle collier pour les femmes romantique a la mode date cadeau bijoux accessoire a la main en gros Simply, our brain loves to value immediate rewards over future rewards. collier fantaisie toulouse 720collierpascher12017 comment savoir si bague en or collier ras de cou pendentif cristal 720collierpascher8976 bracelet femme 23cm 723braceletpascher10936 Yep, that definitely sounds like us! So when we set goals like learn a new language or lose 10kg we’re actually setting it for our future self. montre collier femme argent collierpascher7460 vermeer jeune femme au collier de perles collierpascher10455 That’s why when the time comes to make a decision, our brain struggles to choose in the future self best interests. collier ambre africain collierpascher13077 collier or femme occasion Research suggests that ability of ‘delayed gratification’ is a big predictor for success in life. bracelet georgette charleville 723braceletpascher11821 collier ras de cou mango collierpascher8835 Think about that for a moment…  

New wardrobes

So how do we beat Akrasia? Just like Hugo, we need a plan… We need a new wardrobe. reel 100 925 argent sterling belle sourire visage ouvert bagues pour les femmes en argent sterling bague bijoux saint valentin cadeau montre festina femme bracelet cuir marron 723braceletpascher4660 nouveaute bague de mode romantique mignon multicolore acrylique fleur anneau pour les femmes apogation date cadeau anneau bijoux accessoire collier pour chien babou 720collierpascher6375 collier or jaune or blanc collierpascher1988 Here are three carefully chosen strategies used to beat procrastination and help you complete what you set out to do:

1. collier pour chien dalmatien 720collierpascher6599 bracelet argent je suis pas vieille je suis vintage 723braceletpascher1902 collier homme indien 720collierpascher7993 collier en argent avec croix collierpascher999 perles de plumes perles en argent sterling convient aux bracelets de bracelet thomas collier bricolage bijoux en argent accessoires cadeau pour les femmes bracelet femme charm 718braceletpascher2360 Get a commitment device.

Psychologists refer to what Hugo did with his clothes as a ‘commitment device’. boucle doreille inde 718braceletpascher4747 bracelet homme rose This is a great a way to design your future actions and follow through with them. bracelet cuir homme longchamp bracelet homme 23mm 718braceletpascher3120 collier diamant herkimer collierpascher805 Commitment devices simply limit bad behaviours alternatives, in order to make good behaviours easier to opt in. bracelet femme argent 21 cm braceletpascher1553 bracelet cheville or 723braceletpascher3767 type de collier femme 720collierpascher7017 collier or blanc cristal swarovski michael kors montre femme bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher7271 For example: You can deter a shopping addiction, just by intentionally leaving your credit cards at home. long collier de perle 720collierpascher370 collier fantaisie vert anis collierpascher11978 ou trouver collier ambre bebe collierpascher12916 bracelet bouddhiste bois signification 723braceletpascher3010 raviver un collier de perles 720collierpascher10484 Want to watch less TV? Remove it from the bedroom, or leave it unplugged as a default. collier ambre bio collierpascher13076 bracelet cuir homme cleor collier femme deux cercles 720collierpascher7504 montre acier fond noir bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher7059 perle pour bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher5942 Now if you want to watch some TV you have to reach over behind the cabinet to plug it in. couleur argent grand hibou pendentif collier mignon animal creux breloque longue collier pour les femmes vintage bijoux collier mujer cadeaux 2020 homme bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher4847 Want to read more? Charge your phone in the kitchen and place a pile of books next to your bed. All of a sudden when you crawl into bed each night you will find it easier to pick up a book instead of your phone. collier or thailandais mignon romantique nouveau arrivee longue verre gland boucles doreilles pour les femmes transparent coeur date cadeau Saving for a holiday overseas? Set up automatic payments the day of your income to a separate account. orient mako bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher4632 collier chien cuir tresse collierpascher22 collier perle murano rouge 720collierpascher4949 bracelet femme argent lune 718braceletpascher1540 Now you’re saving without even thinking about it! Commitment devices are brilliant and worth falling in love with. montre homme vintage bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher5977 jardiland collier etrangleur collierpascher13797 bracelet cuir boucle deployante braceletpascher1392 Get a paper and pen and start thinking about how you can apply them to your current goals… montre femme de marque bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher8508 boucle doreille triforce 718braceletpascher4941 collier pour chat large collierpascher13285

Courage, will-power and confidence in your abilities will carry you to greater heights...

Courage, will-power and confidence in your abilities will carry you to greater heights…


2. bracelet couple homme femme chaine de main 718braceletpascher732 collier de perles au tricot 720collierpascher10495 romantique mignon coreen rouge couleur eanmel zircon coeur boucle doreille pour les femmes nouveaute goutte boucle doreille en gros graduation cadeau boucle doreille Get accountability.

Over and over again research has shown that setting a goal with another person significantly increases your likelihood to follow through to completion. sav mon collier prenom collierpascher14366 comment porter une bague femme When you think about it, we can’t be easily trusted to just our own self devices. collier pour chat au crochet collierpascher13380 We need accountability to others. collier pour chien maya 720collierpascher5746 watford montre automatique preston bracelet cuir homme collier pour chien bas prix 720collierpascher5863 Researchers found that it’s more than a science of goals, it’s a science of people. montre casio edifice homme bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher7949 When we set goals that are known to others, we’re more likely to follow through out of simply avoiding social embarrassment or disapproval. tatouages bracelet de cheville 723braceletpascher9196 boucle doreille homme or 18 carats 718braceletpascher5098 Not a bad motivator when used appropriately? Get together a few trusted and loved friends and share together your goals. bracelet femme argent pierre 723braceletpascher10945 boucle doreille fille a vis 718braceletpascher4512 bracelet argent aigue marine 718braceletpascher167 collier ras de cou argent maille 720collierpascher8701 collier pour chien cher 720collierpascher6290 Hold each other accountable either verbally or with a physical penalty (i.e $100 to a charity). breloque bracelet argent 723braceletpascher2139 collier coeur lien chaumet 720collierpascher10903 maty collier de perles 720collierpascher10263 <img class="size-full wp-image-7066" src="" alt="Don't be fooled into thinking that you have the capacity to achieve your best on your own. bracelet femme argent amour 723braceletpascher11109 netoyer bracelet argent mode nouveaute meilleure vente mode goutte boucle doreille classique punk boucle doreille pour les femmes a la main ethnique vintage cadeau bijoux zalando montre femme bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher4794 A training partner in the gym is a great asset because when you think you have reached your limit, there is someone who can push you to go further.” width=”1100″ height=”507″ /> Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have the capacity to achieve your best on your own. boucle doreille game of thrones 718braceletpascher5126 collier ras de cou quartz rose collierpascher8825 le collier pour chien 720collierpascher5987 Like you would at the gym, a training partner in life will help push you to go further…  

3. classique noir frange gland boucles doreilles carre synthetique pierre longue ethnique boucles doreilles a la main indien oreille accessoires fermeture collier de perles collierpascher10794 bracelet cheville acier braceletpascher632 collier chat disney 720collierpascher10011 collier perle de culture julien dorcel bracelet cuir daniel wellington femme 723braceletpascher7034 collier homme cuir et or 720collierpascher7546 fabriquer collier perle en bois 720collierpascher4902 Get going, get momentum.

The guilt of procrastination is never found in the work but of starting the work. collier homme topaze collierpascher7972 collier fantaisie femme ebay 720collierpascher12121 bracelet cuir metallica 723braceletpascher8282 It’s one thing to have a dream, but it’s truly rewarding when you hit the ground running towards it. seiko automatique bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher7492 bracelet cheville cauri 723braceletpascher4182 azora chaine de mode ronde bracelet charme pave de cristaux noirs a la mode lien bracelet bijoux accessoires ts0176 bracelet charms wholesale 723braceletpascher3640 azora fleurs en fleurs couleur or multi couleur stellux collier pendentif en cristal autrichien tn0114 Beginnings are simply beautiful. mignon boucle doreille pour les femmes vintage mignon creux rose or couleur lune boucle doreille a la main de mariage cadeau bijoux accessoire bracelet pierre de lune grossesse 718braceletpascher3662 We must fall in love with starting and trying new things, breaking out and taking new ground. bracelet cuir homme montpellier 723braceletpascher4686 collier chat hello kitty collierpascher9918 The problem is, it’s difficult. cartier collier femme collierpascher7176 collier perle pour homme bracelet pour hommes oeil de tigre pierre en cuir synthetique en acier inoxydable chaines de bordure reglable lave perle hommes bracelets cadeau dlb68 bracelet charms homme 723braceletpascher3469 Our brain craves stability and comfortability, so we must make it easy on ourselves to begin. bracelet argent dior bracelet argent 925 jonc John C Maxwell said it best, “If you’re always growing, you will always be out of your comfort zone”. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. bracelet argent avec 2 coeurs collier lune pour chat collierpascher14736 bracelet pierre de lune lithotherapie 718braceletpascher3749 bracelet cuir montre 22 723braceletpascher6867 collier homme game of thrones 720collierpascher7633 bracelet femme acier ceramique 723braceletpascher9801 bracelet homme ceruti To get momentum you just need to get going! Don’t give your brain time to run through all the reasons why it won’t work, and start encouraging yourself as you begin to find ways it will work. portrait dedmonde de charles roux au collier de perles collierpascher10376 collier chat camera 720collierpascher9541 bracelet cuir magnetique 723braceletpascher8842 The only guarantee of failure is when you stop trying. So get your Nikes on and just do it. bracelet argent pierre precieuse collier homme perles collierpascher7531 coreen zircon fleur goutte boucle doreille romantique nouveaute mode conception simple boucles doreilles pour les femmes date cadeau bijoux accessoire  

Bringing it back home

At Squirrel HQ we exist to help you tick off your bucket list goals. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning! Our vision is to help millions more get more out of life, and so we hope you will join us on that journey. peinture collier de perles 720collierpascher10678 kit pour bracelet bresilien 718braceletpascher509 It’s the reason behind why we built the Squirrel app – so if you haven’t tried it yet… Download it here! It’s free for iPhone, and we think you’ll love it. bracelet homme avec aimant collier ras de cou marron clair collierpascher9145 nature et decouverte collier ambre bebe collierpascher13053 I hope this post inspired you to tackle procrastination and step out successfully in achieving your life goals! If you enjoyed this, please share it with friends and share us your bucket lists from the app! Just squeak up to us over social media – we’d love to encourage you! Twitter Facebook Instagram Want more cool posts and bucket list ideas? Join the monthly email digest! No regrets.